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There are two things in LINQ to SQL that Ive been fretting about quite a bit and it has to do with issues of getting stuck either by the possibilty of LINQ not being able to express a query and the fact that LINQ queries need to be expressed as cold, hard types that cannot easily be created dynamically.
Dynamic Expressions in Linq to Sql - Rick Strahls Web Log
LINQPad is a sandbox/IDE for .NET languages (C#, VB, SQL, F#) that lets you develop code without all the overhead of creating solutions and projects required in Visual Studio.
7 tricks to simplify your programs with LINQ -
CodeGuru is where developers can come to share ideas, articles, questions, answers, tips, tricks, comments, downloads, and so much more related to programming in
c# - Is there a bug in this code from 101 LINQ Samples on
Since you havent given any indication to what you want, here is a link to 101 LINQ samples that use all the different LINQ methods: 101 LINQ Samples
GitHub - mythz/swift-linq-examples: C#s 101 LINQ Samples
101 LINQ Example with sample code snippets .This sample prints each element of an input integer array whose value is less than 5. The sample uses a query expression to create a new sequence of integers and then iterates over each element in the sequence, printing its value
GitHub - mythz/clojure-linq-examples: C#s 101 LINQ
Looking to use linq throughout my next project to ease some of the hard labor. Before, I dive into the linq world I would like some advice on best prctices on using linq. I am still undecided on EF
101 LINQ Samples
C#s 101 LINQ Samples translated to Clojure . Contribute to mythz/clojure-linq-examples development by creating an account on GitHub.
samples/core/linq/csharp at master · dotnet/samples · GitHub
101 LINQ samples. This page shows a few examples to achieve common tasks with Entity Framework Core. For an extensive set of samples showing what is possible with LINQ, see 101 LINQ Samples.
c# - how to query LIST using linq - Stack Overflow
101 C# LINQ Samples in Kotlin. This project contains the C# 101 LINQ Samples rewritten to Kotlin. Like the existing Java LINQ Examples, Kotlin examples run and have their results displayed inside an Android App courtesy of the rich support for Kotlin in Android Studio.
LINQ Unleashed: for C# (Volume 1): Paul Kimmel
Foreword by Darryl Hogan, Architect Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation . Microsoft’s highly anticipated LINQ query technology makes it easy to retrieve any information programmatically from any data source, no matter where it comes from or how it’s stored.
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) | Microsoft Docs
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) 06/20/2016; 5 minutes to read Contributors. all; In this article What is it? LINQ provides language-level querying capabilities and a higher-order function API to C# and VB as a way to write expressive, declarative code.
101 LINQ | LINQPad |
Ever since I learned about LINQ, I keep discovering new ways to use it to improve my code. Every trick makes my code a little bit faster to write, and a little bit easier to read.
101 LINQ | quiz info |
101 LINQ Quiz Overview. Many developers who have been interested in learning details on the syntax and structure of LINQ queries have reviewed Microsofts 101 LINQ Samples, or played with the related LINQ Sample Queries Project.
101 LINQ Samples Tutorials - C# -
101 linq samples
NOTE: Charlie Calvert replied below that the 101 LINQ Samples have now been updated with correct code. The MSDN Visual C# Developer Center has a section called 101 LINQ Samples.
101 LINQ Samples | Pearltrees
101 LINQ Samples in Swift 3. Port of the C# 101 LINQ Samples rewritten into Apples Swift 3. Compare Swift to other LINQ examples written in: Java